“A touching reunion after 70 years!”: The incredible incident between these senior women left everyone speechless

This is how these elderly women reunited after 70 years in a nursery home

However surprising it may seem, these elderly people emotionally reunited after being apart for over 70 years. The seniors met each other in a nursing home and were simply astonished and in a shock.

Despite the fact these two aren’t youthful anymore, they got emotional and their happiness recognized no limits once reuniting with each other.

As soon as they were fortunate enough to meet again, they began to share all the old and fond memories they experienced together making their cherished dream to get old together as friends eventually come true.

After being closest friends in their school years, they stopped keeping in touch with each other and little did they know about their whereabouts. And once Gill happily saw a very familiar face at a nursing home, she rushed to make sure whether it is her or not.

Initially, they weren’t sure about their prediction, whereas after introducing each other’s names, the seniors made sure that they used to be best friends at school.

Their emotional reunion was immediately shared on the web and no one could stay indifferent.


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