The love story of Thomas and Donahue will definitely touch absolutely everyone

Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue are the embodiment of the truest love

The well-known celebrity shared in the book “We can compare marriage to a vacuum cleaner: you put it to your ear and it sucks all your ambition and energy”.

Such thoughts crossed Thomas’s mind until the time Marlo, luckily, met Phil with whom she immediately formed an inseparable bond and lifelong relationship.

It should be, of course, noted that it was actually owing to Phil Donahue that Marlo gained worldwide fame and popularity.

The whole thing is that he was once a guest of the show due to which his life radically changed.

The admirable spouses met in Chicago, 1997 for the first time. According to the book, Phil brought four kids with him and the actress’s choice literally shocked her friends and relatives. As it was stated in the novel, Marlo’s mother was in great surprise and wondered “Donahue, how did you manage to seduce her?”.

It is worth mentioning that no one, in fact, believed in the truth and faithfulness of their love and couldn’t understand the reason why they united.

They together succeeded in maintaining their relationship regardless of many difficulties and obstacles on their way. As the charming couple claims, the ups and downs in their relationship did nothing but strengthened their bond.

It should be noted that the spouses were even obliged to spend a relatively long time separated from each other because of their careers.

As the legendary couple mentions, the most important thing in a relationship is that you should always be sure that your partner would support you regardless of anything.

They assure that if two truly want to succeed and keep their relationship alive, it is possible no matter what.


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