The transformation from a common housewife to a real lady  

Alla dedicated her entire life to her husband and kids.

Once upon a time, a common girl from Khmelnitsky had a dream to become a dancer, but her parents made a decision to marry Alla to an engineer from Kyiv.

Vitaly was very hopeful and was just in search of a wife. Alla moved in with Vitaly and became attached to a promising young man. Soon the girl fully dissolved in her husband, forgetting about her dreams.

Vitya and Alla had 3 children during their marriage. The imaginary idyll ended when the already middle-aged Vitaly said to his wife: “Alla, we have to go. I loved another.” It turned out that the “other” was a young and well-groomed student who worked as a secretary in Viti’s company.

A popular stylist spotted Alla in one of the cafes in Kyiv, where the woman came with her eldest daughter. Arthur was in search of a heroine for his next reincarnation.

Alla’s daughter advised her mother to visit a fashion stylist. Arthur transformed our today’s heroine beyond identification, turning Alla into a real lady.

A man bewitched a woman with hair as well as makeup, creating a real wonder. Did you like the result? Share your point of view in the comments.

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