This girl diagnosed with Down Syndrome was criticized for eating the cake during her 1st birthday party

A girl with the Syndrome of Down was mocked for eating a cake of her 1st birthday

The world is getting even more cruel and unfair given the fact that many heartless people through the network while hiding behind the anonymity can afford themselves to judge and mock others, especially those with some disorders and disabilities. Whereas some still make us believe in humanity.

The video in which Megan Gavin, an absolutely adorable girl with the Syndrome of Down was eating her 1st birthday cake whom thousands rushed to mock on the internet. Some even called her a “downie” and a “retard”.

The father of the poor and innocent girl was literally shocked by those negative comments and got furious with the network users promising to go and find them wherever they would be.

In response to hatred, he decided to show love constantly sharing heartwarming photos of his charming daughter.

We could find even such comments as “African people are currently starving and you are wasting a whole cake for just a video”.

The father of the cutie, Scott, is trying not to pay attention to the criticism towards his unique daughter adding that other parents with kids with disabilities periodically face such things as well.

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