This bighearted boy comforts and stands up for his classmate with autism whom no one supports

The heroic act of the boy supporting his autistic classmate left everyone speechless

We all certainly know that people with ASD are in most cases not accepted by the society, their classmates and neighbors who think that they are totally different from them and only few appear to be brave enough to befriend or get closer to them.

And this time, Connor Crites diagnosed with autism had a very difficult experience on the first day of school, didn’t cope with the situation and even couldn’t hold back his tears.

Whereas Christian Moore rushed to take the situation into his hands. He came closer to the crying poor boy, started to comfort him and then took an attempt to befriend with the unique boy. Thanks to his new best friend’s support and sympathy, the autistic boy now could pleasantly attend school and feel more confident.

The reason why the poor boy started to cry in the corner without being able to communicate and interact with others was that he was probably overwhelmed with the noise and the large group of unfamiliar people.

Connor’s mother noted that her son was afraid that the others would mock and make fun of the poor boy.

The woman managed to catch the heartwarming moment and felt really proud of her bighearted son sharing the touching picture on the web.

She was simply stunned with her son’s heroic act mentioning that the child couldn’t stay indifferent towards the situation and definitely possesses a big heart.

The people who were lucky enough to witness the situation started to encourage others to treat all people in the same way and be tolerate. Everyone should raise their children in this way.


Christian is a real hero, isn’t he?

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