Here is Scott Cohen from “The Tenth Kingdom” who eventually showed his beloved wife Anastasia

This is legendary Scott Cohen from “The Tenth Kingdom” with his wife

Probably, there is no single one in this world who is unfamiliar with this famous and charismatic “Wolf” who used to win everyone’s heart. This legendary and beloved actor has brilliantly starred in a great number of films, whereas most people recognize the man for his iconic role in a TV series “The Tenth Kingdom”.

It is believed that Cohen is a monogamist who has happily been married to Anastasia Traina since the year 1989. The admirable spouses have an heir who has already turned 25.

The great actor recently decided to ultimately show his beloved wife whom he always hid and wanted to keep a secret from the public.

The network users left such comments: “Most importantly, they are absolutely happy with each other”, “They don’t really suit”, “Such a harmonious and charismatic couple”, “I wish you family happiness and welfare”.

They are happy together which is the most fundamental factor.

What can you say? Do you love this actor?

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