These dolls look so realistic that you will get goosebumps when first looking at them

The dolls created by a Norwegian artist look so real you will get goosebumps

When you look at these beautiful dolls for the first time, you will undoubtedly think that these are adorable kids. But once you get closer to them, you will realize that you were actually mistaken. These are, believe it or not, dolls!

Everything except for hair is artificial: their eyes are made of glass, the body is a rag and the face, arms and legs are made of clay.

This talented Norwegian artist began to create such interesting and breathtaking dolls when she worked as a teacher at school. The woman manages to create about 10 dolls a year.

In fact, these dolls are mainly inspired by photos of real kids and are approximately 70 cm high.

Each of them is worth at least 10 thousand dollars.

What do you think? Do you like such arts?


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