The dedicated teacher eagerly drives miles every day to feed his poor and starving students

This heroic school teacher daily drives miles to give food to his poor pupils

This kind and gentle-hearted elementary school teacher daily drives about eight kilometers in order to give food to his poor students for no charge. He isn’t obliged or responsible for doing this but he anyways does. Zane works as a teacher in an elementary school and feeds his hungry students for free.

Zane is also engaged in other charity companies and he used to be a soldier. The man takes a great interest in sports and even ran a marathon of 2000 kilometers to support one charity project.

He always makes sure that his students are not hungry and everything is alright with them. They are very grateful to him for his dedicated work and huge support.

He daily brings about 20 kilos of food so as to manage to feed them all.

Zane doesn’t regard himself a hero and says that a part of his job is to take good care of his students.

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