“The exact copy of Harry”: The first formal debut of Archie caused a lot of discussions on the Internet

Here is photos of Prince Harry’s heir Archie posted for the first time

The Prince with his wife Meghan Markle refuse to post pictures of their adorable 5-month-old heir but ceremonial baptism photographs were a long-waited exception. As the parents don’t share their little son’s photos, we can hardly find him on the network.

The spouses embarked on an African tour on the 23th of September. The Dukes of Sussex accompanied their child to an official meeting with a Bishop from Africa. The child behaved well and didn’t cause nay problem or trouble. The bunch of strangers didn’t bother him at all and he peacefully enjoyed his time.

When the heartwarming photos were eventually released, the fans of the royal fans immediately noticed the similarity between Harry and his son.

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