The wonderful photos of a baby boy and a rescued dog wearing matching hats are so popular on the Internet

The woman made her dog and her baby popular with their fascinating photo series.

Here is a well-known photographer named Grace Chon, who is focused on animal photography, but she decided to take attractive photos of her newborn baby boy, 10 months old Jasper and her lovely dog named Zoey. This couple is so cute and fascinating.

Zoey is 7 years old now and he had a difficult life before he met his actual owner. The cutie and his siblings were born in front of a shop in Taiwan and when they were thrown away by the owner of the shop, a caring pupil noticed them and took them her home. As she couldn’t keep all of them at her home, the girl took the dogs to a shelter. Fortunately, his actual owner noticed and adopted him.

The woman photographs them next to each other in matching hats. Everything began from the baby’s birth, when Chon collected beautiful hats for her child for interesting photos. One day, she put a hat on her dog’s head, who looked so attractive with it, and the crazy owner continued to put different types of hats on his head similar to her baby and took many amazing photos of them.

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