The second state has accepted the law prohibiting the use of wild animals in the circus

The pure animals performing in the circuses

New Jersey became the first state to accept the legislation prohibiting use of wild animals in the circus. Hawaii has done the same a week later.

The governor of Hawaii David Ige signed a legislation prohibiting the use of wild animals in any kind of circuses, carnivals and other forms of entertainment. Animal welfare organisations are happy, that two states have already accepted this law.

The CEO of Humane Society of the United States Kitty Block stated: “These improvements in Hawaii and New Jersey have been a long time coming. Wild animals are kept in stifling conditions being kept in cages in vans while they are transported from place to place and it may last a few months. Elephants are chained when they aren’t performing. The animals didn’t receive food, water and also treatment.”

It’s typical for the circus animals to be abused every day. Trainers beat them in order to make them obedient. Although these abuses happen most of all during trainings behind closed doors, trainers have also been known to strike animals during performances.

The news is welcomed in Aloha state, after the incident happened to Tyke, that performed in Honolulu circus in 1994. Tyke attacked his trainers during a performance and went out onto the street after being beaten for years. Police was forced to shot and kill Tyke. The video of this incident can be seen here.

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