These Siamese twin sisters were separated at the age of 4 and now they are already 18: How do they live now?

This is how the unique Siamese twins look who have already turned 18

In 2002, these twin girls named Kendra and Maliyah who proved to be Siamese twins, came to this world. On the one hand, their parents were happy to have them, but on the other hand, they were extremely concerned about their kids’ future.

For four years, they had one and the same life and body together and at the age of 4 the parents gave them an opportunity to live their lives separately and independently. So the decision was made to separate them.

They gradually learnt how to walk and even run.

Back in 2016, a serious operation was done in order to separate these absolutely unique twins. Soon the media became aware of it and the news spread all over the internet.

It has already been 14 years since the twins were successfully separated.

Of course at first it was rather hard for them to get used to. They started to attend school and get education at home as well. They also proved to have innate talents: both are fond of drawing and are quite good at it.

They started to encourage others showing that any problem has its solution. The adorable twins are regarded heroes and everyone is proud of them.

Now Kendra and Maliyah live a complete life and they have all the opportunities to develop. They have also graduated driving school and are able to drive very well.

They also lead a channel on YouTube and accounts on social media where they regularly share interesting moments and situations with thousands of subscribers that follow them.

The Herrin sisters also communicate with the mother of Siamese twin sisters. They always give good pieces of advice and support each other.

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