This couple celebrates their 81th anniversary sharing the secrets to a happy and successful marriage

The secrets to a happy marriage shared by the longest married couple in history

A very long time ago, in 1932, 14 years passed since the 1st World War and during the Great Depression, Anne and John were rejoiced. They both were born and spent their childhood years in Connecticut.

The most interesting and, at the same time, unimaginable thing is that they are still married after eight decades being regarded the longest lived spouses in the history. Whereas, as Anne and John mentioned, they didn’t think their relationship would actually last long.

They are simply an exemplary and praiseworthy spouses who have also shared many pieces of advice and tips to a successful and long-lasting married. According to them, avoiding disagreements and quarrels and not holding grudges is essential. A good sense of humor can also play a big role in marriage. Besides, the element of company is an important aspect. And, probably the most vital thing is that if couples treat each other as friends as well, the chances they would live long together grow.

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