“Why did Pitt leave her?”: Angelina Jolie was caught by paparazzi during her shopping in a simple store

Without any makeup: Jolie was noticed during her shopping in an ordinary store

The loyal fans of A. Jolie try to convince their beloved Hollywood actress to stop losing weight as they find their icon too skinny and unhealthy-looking. And lately, paparazzi managed to catch the popular actress during her shopping in an ordinary store.

The celebrity kept calm even when she noticed the photographers and continued peacefully selecting the required items. Her fans were, in fact, astonished seeing Jolie shopping in such a simple store.

“Isn’t anyhow different from ordinary people”, “It still remains obscure why Pitt left her”, “I simply adore Jolie”.

There were such comments as well: “Too skinny and unhealthy-looking”, “Thinness doesn’t suit her”.

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