“Bellucci’s unearthly beauty recognizes no time”: Monica Bellucci made everyone admire her on the red carpet

Bellucci’s flawless appearance on the red carpet astonished absolutely everyone

This talented and unearthly beautiful model recently attended the long-waited premiere of the film “The Best Years of Life”. Despite the nasty weather, the celebrity made absolutely everyone admire her due to her stunning look and spectacular appearance.

Bellucci chose to wear an elegant blue dress from Dior as well as white golden jewelry as accessories. Her necklace was made in the shape of a crocodile and was richly decorated with precious and valuable stones.

There were also some rumors saying that the jewelry was made for Bellucci, special for that event.

The admirable celebrity’s fantastic photos immediately went viral making everyone adore the flawless woman.

There were some controversial opinions about her as well. Many people were sure that Bellucci succeeded in maintaining her glow and beauty, whereas the others held the opinion that she simply could demonstrate herself from the best side.

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