This couple adopted an orphaned bear and are living together in their home

How a bear is living with people in their home

Brown bears are undeniably deserving of the title of Russian national creature. With a bodyweight of about 200 kilograms, great power, and tenacity, these fearsome predators are a good representation of the Slavic people and their spirit. And, despite the fact that they generally roam huge woods and characteristics similar, one of these creatures has had a completely different kind of life.

Stepan is a tamed pet bear who resides in Moscow, Russia, with his people Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko. Stepan or Stephen bear was rescued by the Panteleenkos when he was merely a 3-month-old abandoned baby. Svetlana and Yuriy chose to adopt the bear cub after he was discovered alone and in bad shape in a woods by hunters.

Stepan has matured into a caring and, let’s face it, adorable bear who assists all around home by watering the plants and likes to watch TV with his people. Mrs. Panteleenko stated, “He likes people and is a friendly bear – unlike what people may think, he is not hostile in anyway.” “Stepan has never attacked any of us.”

Each day, the Russian bear consumes 25 kilograms of seafood, veggies, and eggs! But, because to his passion of soccer, the goofy continues to keep in shape. Performing in movies and modeling for photo sessions keep him occupied as well.

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