J. Lopez shared recently taken photos of her already grown up awesome kids

Here are J. Lopez’s already grown up adorable twins

These days, Jennifer Lopez decided to share some new pictures on social media revealing her already grown up adorable kids.

In her 50s, Lopez is still elegant, stunning, enthusiastic and full of energy. By the way, the famous singer raises her 13-year-old children-twins Emma and Max.

In one of the heartwarming photos, her kids are climbed onto mom’s lap near the fireplace in their house. As the singer confesses, she simply adores when they do this.

Her audience immediately commented on the photo in a very positive way declaring how adorable the family is.

The twins’ father is Mark Antony. Misfortunately, Mark and the singer divorced but the good thing is that such awesome twins came into this world whom Lopez sincerely adores.

Currently, besides her own children, the celebrity also takes active part in her new beloved husband’s children’s upbringing and loves them as if they were her own kids.

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