After 38 years: What the actors of the series “Jane Eyre” look like now

The actors starring in the legendary series “Jane Eyre” now

There have been many variants of filming “Jane Eyre” but the legendary series, released in 1983, became, in fact. the most popular and beloved among them. Let’s now look how the talented actors of the popular series have changed after 38 years.

Zila Clark

For Zila, the legendary film was really a pass to the world of film industry, immediately recognized by the audience and colleagues. However, she should not separate from her famous heroine “Jane Eyre” and for the directors she kept being the same inspired Englishwoman.

Clark hopes that the character of Jane will never lose its fame and love, but she confessed that the heroine buried the actress’s career. Now, Zila is already 67 and has grandchildren.

Timothy Dalton

After the legendary series “Jane Eyre”, Dalton became so popular that he took the role of James Bond. But, as a matter of fact, he didn’t achieve great success by this role.

Dalton very rarely appears in the media and leads a rather secluded lifestyle, not revealing his relationship and children. The famous actor doesn’t have accounts on social media so his loyal fans know very little about him at the moment.

Judy Cornwell

Judi had already had experience in filming, so it was quite easy for her to perform a role of a bad nanny of Jane. 81-year-old actress stopped her career activity in 1990s in order to spend much time with her family.

Morag Hood

Morag took a role of a relative of Jane Eyre and the series hadn’t really changed her life. She performed in a theatre for a long time and then left the stage. Misfortunately, in 2002, she passed away because of having cancer.

Emma Jacobs

The actress was supposed to play the antagonist Eliza Reed. She had success in Britain, starring in many TV series and now, already being 63, she prefers to write books and help learners in film industry.

Shan Pattenden

When she was a child, she took the role of Jane. But now the woman is occupied with art. Shan is an illustrator. Currently, she draws pictures and writes her own books.

Mary Tam

Before “Kane Eyre” Mary was already famous and after it she gained much more fame and love from the audience. Several years ago, the actress, unfortunately, died because of oncology.


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