An unusual family where children don’t go to school, but are taught in nature

In this family the kids are taught in nature instead of attending school

Home education is a controversial issue as some find it much more effective and productive but there are also people who claim that home education simply can’t serve any purpose and is a complete waste of time. And while they’re having heated arguments trying to convince their personal opinions, this unusual and creative family shocked the entire world.

The family has four wonderful kids. The parents realized that education at school has a great pressure on their children and, unfortunately, limits their opportunities. The elder son traditionally attended school but, what concerns their daughter named Eboni, the parents determined she had better get home education. This fatal decision was very difficult to make as all their friends and relations found it ridiculous. On social media, their mom found a group where parents, whose children are home educated, share their experience. It is actually the children who should choose which topic and theme to discuss and learn. And the whole process is mostly in nature, not in the house.

The little girl Eboni was so shy and felt uncomfortable attending school but now she is literally unrecognizable. Eboni is currently outgoing, social and communicable. The family recently moved from the US to Australia.

Besides, they soon got acquainted with the local flora and fauna, became aware of some amazing and interesting places where they can teach their children in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

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