Future supermodel: What does Tom Cruise’s grown up daughter look like?

Here are the pictures of Tom Cruise’s 16-year-old daughter

All little kids seem to grow very rapidly and they can become absolutely unrecognizable. Especially it concerns stellar heirs as they constantly have people’s full attention and are the center of admiration. Today, we will discuss Tom Cruise’s beautiful 16-year-old daughter- Suri. She already turned 16 in April.

It seems as if the famous actor held the little baby in his arms just recently. But now, that baby has become a nice-looking girl and many even expect her to become a supermodel as she has an extraordinarily beautiful appearance.

The girl is often noticed in fashionable looks, wears stylish accessories and already puts on makeup as well.

Their fans remark that Suri looks so much like her mom and she surely inherited her behavior and beauty. Even in the photos from paparazzi it is quite clear.

According to her parents, their daughter is easy going, open-minded and problem-free girl and, it goes without saying that they are so proud of their daughter they raised.

Cruise performs a great role in his wonderful daughter’s upbringing and socialization.

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