Julia Roberts: “Until 40 you dress your life with your face, and then you wear your life on your face”

Julia Roberts “We use cosmetics, try to keep fit but we forget about vital things

The glorious actress Julia Roberts is well known and loved probably in the whole world. She has a hard character but there have been many directors who dream of working with her. It is already 10 years the actress stars in many movies and series. She is, beyond any doubt, a mature and wise woman. She is already 50 and studies what happiness actually is.

She once shared: “Under the photo with my niece, there were a lot of negative comments and reactions saying how old I got and how bad I look. It is, honestly speaking, rather weird as I am already 50 and I exactly know what I want from life.

I also have a mirror in my house but I refuse to behave according to all standards and mainstream. Till 40 you dress your life with your face, then, you wear your life on your face. And I am completely satisfied with my life.”

“Ideal is a disease today many women suffer. We cover our faces with tones of cosmetic products, use injections and want to always keep fit. But the things we really must take care of and take into account escape our attention.


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