Talented R. Gere shared a picture with his handsome old father who is already 99

Gere recently posted a picture with his old dad who is 99

Some of us will undoubtedly agree that time flies at crazy speed and some of our beloved actors and other celebrity idols have already exceeded 60 and more. Can you recall the popular movie “Pretty Woman”? Perhaps all the girls and women were fans of Richard Gere, probably the most handsome and attractive character. He is now already 71 years old. Can you imagine?

His father already turned 99 this year. And recently, on his Instagram account he agreed to share a long-waited photo with his beloved 99-year-old dad.

The fascinated followers were simply astonished and pleasingly surprised at how good and gorgeous the man looked and they all sincerely wished him to live a long and careless life.

Richard Gere happily got married in April, 2018 and the wedding ceremony took place in Spain but the celebration was actually in New York. In 2019, the talented and skilled actor became a father. The loving and exemplary couple had a boy who was named the beautiful name Alexander.

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