These flying little squirrels are probably the loveliest animals found on our planet

The world’s cutest miniature animal- a flying squirrel from Japan

You haven’t, perhaps, ever witnessed these awesome tiny furry animals who are known for their hairy membrane under the name “flying squirrels”. They, in fact, can’t literally fly but are able to float for up to 100m which makes it possible for them to be able to prevent themselves from becoming prey for predators and easily jump from one tree to another without taking much effort.

  1. These cute flying squirrels can mainly be found on coasts in Japan and parts of Europe of Baltic and Pacific ocean and are widely known for being “Old World squirrels”.

  1. The flying squirrels: Though they are not capable of flying, they use their furry membrane so called the patagium to glide more than 90 meters in order to hide from a possible predator or to easily climb up trees.

  1. They are absolutely beautiful due to their unreal uniqueness, silky fur and tiny stature. Many tourists are ready to pay hundreds of dollars just to come and see these awesome little creatures.

  1. This cutest animal sits on a snow-covered tree and the scene is something out of this world.

  1. You can witness how surprised and attractive the animal’s look at the camera is.

  1. Undoubtedly, these unreal-looking animals are the most adorable and cutest ones found on the nature.

Yet, the pictures are few as it was not that easy to spot and capture such tropical and once-in-a-lifetime animals. You can now have a look at the following footage revealing these cutest creatures.

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