This eye-catching magnificent bird looks like a character from a fairy tale

The bird’s unreal beauty and colorfulness makes it be like a fairy character

This magnificent colorful bird makes everyone adore it due to its unique charm and absolute beauty.

The little creature’s multiple colors make it look like a character from a fairy tale.

These birds possess extraordinary and incredible beauty and anyone who witnesses them falls in love with them at first sight.

These magnificent creatures have red colored throats, a black stripe on chest, a yellow belly and a really adorable face.

The female ones are a little distinguished from the males as their thoracic area is much narrower and smaller.

They can be mainly found in tropical woods, Africa.

All they daily eat is insects and other tiny creatures.

Now, we don’t need to be concerned about their population number as they are, fortunately, not in danger yet and we sincerely hope they won’t even be.


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