About 10 years have passed, but the strong connection between the man and the lion stays unchangeable. So amazing!  

The man who rescued a lion 10 years ago, is still taking care about him.

We all know that lions are considered the king of the animal world due to their strength and braveness. But there are very few people who have a risk to deal with them. Frikkie Von Solms is one of these rare people who not only deals with a lion but also became his human daddy for about 10 years.

Now he is 69 years old, but his attitude towards his loyal friend named Zion has never changed. They love and devote to each other and are always together. Their story is very touching.

But this lion isn’t the only one the man has raised. He took care about many other animals, too: nineteen lions, leopards and cheetahs.

Unluckily, after the lion’s birth, his mommy left him alone and from that time this helpful man has looked after him and thanks to him he was saved. Frikkie takes care about the abandoned wild cats in South Africa.

He behaves Zion as his own baby: he fed him and even they sometimes slept together. Due to this caring man, the abandoned lion grew up and now he is a huge animal.

They are together for 11 years, and during these years they have learnt many things from each other. And now they don’t imagine their lives inseparable.

People know very little things about these amazing animals and they behave them as ordinary catties. But they have emotions, feelings and characters.

Zion is a very kind and loving animal and he never hurts people.

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