The waitress treated the homeless to food, and thereby changed her life

A friendly gesture, that changes a girl’s life

Before trouble, Inna’s life almost improved. The first marriage was forgotten, which, out of sheer stupidity, ended in divorce, she met the man of her life and married a second time. And there was also work in a cozy office, plans for a joint vacation, and a small but regularly replenished “box”.

But the case intervened, as a result of an oversight, Inna became the culprit of serious damage, she was ordered to pay a large amount. The woman was feverishly looking for a part-time job, but she managed to get a job only as a waitress on the evening shift.

Soon the husband left, especially since Inna was obliged to pay the fine. His betrayal came as a shock.

Among the clients, too, came across different people. Someone behaved in a boorish way, someone was too intrusive, but mostly people were polite and friendly. She was torn at two jobs and convinced herself that everything ends someday.

Very soon, the girl realized that she was no longer so tired at work, good people were working nearby, and in general life was getting better, if only it weren’t for the huge debt, into which her funds flew like a furnace.

One of the winter evenings, a tired woman got out to breathe in the backyard. A sudden noise from around the corner caught her attention, the girl found a homeless man leaning against a cold wall. Looking at him, Inna thought that there are situations that are much more difficult to correct than her own. She spoke to the man and asked him not to leave. The woman returned to the establishment and took her portion of dinner and a mug of hot tea from the kitchen. They parted almost as friends, the girl only asked the man to take care of himself.

The next day, Inna was called to the manager’s office, where she was amazed to see her first husband. Gradually, Inna came to her senses and even coherently answered a few questions about her work. A few days later, he again called the woman to the office to learn more about her life.

Inna was embarrassed and ashamed to tell him, already a stranger, but still a close person, about her misadventures. After a short pause, the former casually said that, of course, he would give her money. Firstly, this is a friendly gesture and nothing more, and thirdly, they asked for it. He explained that the man to whom she so selflessly donated her dinner was actually following their competitors.

The next day, the woman paid off her debt and left her office job. Now she worked full-time in a restaurant and had the opportunity to relax more. And after a few months, she was convinced that an exceptional loan from an ex was not only a friendly gesture, but the first step towards correcting a mistake that they had once made together.

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