She recognized him from the first words: the father spoke with his future daughter throughout the pregnancy

Amazing communication. A father talked to her daughter, when she was still in a tummy

Expecting a baby, future parents often wonder if it is necessary to communicate with the child while he is still in the tummy, does this make any sense at all?

Why is it necessary to communicate with the child during pregnancy?

From about 8-10 weeks, the child’s senses are actively developing, and he is able to respond to your touch, warmth, pain, vibration.

By 18-20 weeks, he already has character traits, and facial expressions are able to convey emotions.

Brain activity develops quite actively, the baby hears and perceives what is happening in the outside world.

By week 24, the vestibular apparatus is well developed and the baby is able to control his movements, takes a comfortable position, expresses dissatisfaction and experiences positive emotions.

There is no doubt! The kid, developing, feels everything and is waiting for your communication with him! This proves even better our example from life! ..

The future father was very much looking forward to the child. So he always found time for it.

The Dantas family from Rio de Janeiro was waiting for replenishment. Husband Flavio was very happy that his beloved wife Tarsila was pregnant.

The man wanted to see his daughter so much that every morning he talked to the belly of a pregnant girl.

While Flavio was going to work, he always had enough time to communicate with his unborn child.

Such a relationship proceeded all nine months. Tarsila felt how the child reacted to the voice of the father. As soon as he spoke to her, she immediately moved actively.

The expectant mother knew that her baby could distinguish voices. She and her husband were convinced of this when the girl was born.

Hearing the native voice of his father, the newborn child laughed. Finally they met.

Doctors recommend talking, telling something, reading fairy tales to babies when they are still in the womb. This will help the baby feel secure after birth.

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