A man in a wheelchair bought a shop in the village and turned it into a cozy home

An interesting business plan, that became a cozy house

Minsk resident Vyacheslav is a wheelchair user, until recently, he lived in an apartment building with his wife and son. The arrangement of the entrance did not allow him to go up to the apartment on his own, and this created inconvenience for Vyacheslav. He always dreamed of living in the countryside to be close to nature and enjoy the freedom of movement. Unfortunately, the family did not have such an opportunity.

But, as they say, if you really want, everything will definitely work out. And so it happened with Vyacheslav. A few years ago, he bought an abandoned building in the village of Kotyagi. In fact, initially, the man planned to start his own production. The goal of his startup is to supply customers with fragrances for industrial premises. But, as they say, the business “did not go.”

The idea that a former store with a warehouse could be turned into a residential building came much later. He decided to invest his savings in the alteration and arrangement of family housing, although relatives and friends doubted success.

The building of an unprofitable store was not sold for a long time, its area was eighty-five square meters, and the purchase through an auction cost Vyacheslav ten thousand dollars.

The most large-scale, “rough” work on home improvement was carried out by a team of specialist builders. The owner would like to do a lot himself, but his physical abilities were limited, and besides, he had to hurry. The son was soon preparing to go to the first grade and his parents did not want to transfer him from one school to another. Therefore, the family moved into their new home as soon as the heating system was installed, as well as the minimum living conditions.

Vyacheslav was engaged in the final finishing of housing on his own. He reviewed many videos and enthusiastically took up the practical application of the knowledge gained. In some ways his wife helped him. According to the couple’s calculations, the total cost of finishing the building was twice as much as purchasing it. The couple would not have risked doing this if the amount had been known in advance.

According to the owner, the most important thing is to start all the same, and then simply solve gradually emerging problems. A man is happy to work on repairs, he feels like a real owner of the house, able to create and implement any ideas. At this stage, the house is still finished to the end, but Vyacheslav and his wife already have new plans. They decided by all means to attach a terrace to the house in order to enjoy gatherings with a view of nature on summer evenings.

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