This resourceful girl saved her cousin who didn’t have a good manicure in such an important event

The girl’s cousin suggested an ingenious idea and saved the girl’s engagement

What do you need friends for? Well, first of all, in order to offer them your priceless help in situations in which they desperately need help. The boyfriend of this stunning young lady unexpectedly proposed her. The guy, at first sight, seemed to have planned everything- a bouquet of flowers, a valuable ring, a photographer and even went to the barbers, whereas, what concerns his beloved, the woman looked quite good but there was a small but very important detail which might be an eyesore for people.

Here is the legendary photo which immediately went viral on social media. In the first place, there is the most important thing- the beautiful ring on her finger!

And here is what was left behind the scene: the woman, unluckily, didn’t have an appropriate manicure which seemed tragic at such an important moment as she apparently had no idea what would happen that day and that was a completely unexpected surprise for her.

This girl with the nickname @goodgaljenjen fortunately had quite a pretty manicure and that was exactly her who suggested that ingenious idea.


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