A truly talented visagist is growing! A 3-year-old girl did makeup on her baby brother and became an internet star

The little girl did makeup on her brother and the whole internet was pleasantly surprised

This blessed 3-year-old girl from Britain has immediately gained popularity on social media after she did “makeup” on her 5-month-old little brother.

Here is Tiffani- 3 years old, her mother Katherine and Frankie- her 5 months old brother

That day, as Katherine recalls, everything was alright. The cunning daughter did her best to hide her intentions and nothing seemed strange to the mom.

The newborn baby was asleep while the little girl was watching some cartoons in laptop. And when the mother was busy with her daily activities, the daughter rushed to inform her that she managed to do a full “makeup” on her brother and that he now exactly looked like the woman.

Three layers of foundation, pink lips and straight black brows. Yet this is quite good for a 3-year-old little kid.

The most surprising fact was that the newborn was sleeping all the time his cruel sister was transforming him into “shrek”.

Katherine managed to take some photos of “the masterpiece” by her little daughter and shared them with her audience on social media.

Her followers were pleasantly surprised as they obviously witnessed the girl’s big talent. They assured the girl succeeded in imitating her mom’s look and is definitely going to be a talented visagist.

The woman agreed that her girl has shown a great talent and that was quite a good work for a 3-year-old kid.

And now, instead of toys, the girl is taking a great interest in mom’s cosmetic products.

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