10 charming portraits of girls of the last century

The beauty standards changed a lot from the last century

In the last century, the concept of beauty was different. Appreciated women with refined features, thin waist and wide hips …

It looks like current trends, but how different were the girls from the 20th century captured in photographs.

And to catch what exactly distinguishes them from the current beauties is difficult. Maybe it’s the look. In old pictures, he is more soulful, expressive and sensual.

Sometimes the clothes are to blame. Atmospheric, feminine, they completely transform the female figure and the perception of the girl as a whole.

Some people think that it’s all because of the unique types. Cosmetics were already actively used in those years, but the girls did not bring their appearance to the same standards, they focused on their merits, but were not shy about what was out of the scope of conventional beauty.

Now, with the advent of Photoshop and the ability to resort to plastic surgery, beauty injections, the understanding of the ideal appearance has changed. For better or for worse? Everyone can decide for themselves, but just remember your Instagram feed. You will probably not meet such different and original faces in it.

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