Due to the sluggishness of her father, the baby became like Pennywise. And she liked it!

Look what the hair removal gel did with the baby girl’s hair

Kirsty’s mom is in shock, Luke’s dad is very guilty, and little Maisie is delighted. At 18 months old, she has never met a hairdresser, she is used to living with lush hair, and here such an opportunity is a hair removal gel. All it took a couple of minutes.

On the left is Eve, Maisie’s twin sister, who is on the right. The girl wasn’t always like this.

That evening, four-year-old Ollie Saward accidentally opened the playpen where his restless sisters Eva and Maisie were sitting. The latter felt the wind of freedom and instantly reached the bathroom – her favorite place. The fact is that Kirsty’s mother has a slight “quirk”, she is kind to her daughters’ hair and wants to grow it longer, before thinking about hairstyles and haircuts. All manipulations with hair for babies – only through mom. But dad Luke has a different approach, he likes to treat his hair with varnishes and gels, to do styling. Young Maisie loves to be fascinated by these miracles.

It was – it became. The hair has obviously gone down.

So, Maisie is free and has already made her way to the bathroom. Dad notes the fact of the escape, returns Eve to the arena, and goes after Maisie. And she, having confused the gel with the hair removal cream, happily rubs it into her 7-centimeter bangs. And here dad made a strategic mistake, he had to immediately put his daughter under the shower and wash everything off. He reasoned differently: the child is dirty, the child needs to be washed. So I took a bath, changed the diaper, and only then began to wash. And when he saw strands of hair in his hands, he called his wife with alarm.

The bangs are gone and the bald spot is huge

What’s done can’t be taken back. Now mom’s concern is to come up with hairstyles to hide her bald head.

The most interesting thing is that Macy just loves her new look. The girl is genuinely delighted with her baldness and longs for more, but the ill-fated gel is now hidden as far as possible. The tragedy did not happen, the hair will grow back, but the lesson turned out to be very good. Children are a source of chaos that needs constant control, but still you can’t keep track of everything. But the cynical relatives are now joking that the baby should definitely be dressed up for Halloween as a monster clown Pennywise – the resemblance is almost portrait.

Our sympathies to Maisie’s parents. Will it still be when she grows up!

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