A 40-year-old mother and her 21-year-old daughter are mistaken for sisters. Try to understand from the photo who is where?

A young mother is like her daughter. Everyone mistakes them

Who said that a woman at forty cannot look beautiful? Irish Sonia Magnier recently turned forty, but she is now mistaken for the same age as her daughter Rene, who is twenty-one years old.

Try to understand from the photo who is where? We suggest that Sonya is a blonde.

And her 21-year-old daughter Renee has dark hair.

Mom admits that she is very flattered when she is mistaken for her daughter’s sister or friend. There is no special secret of her youth. Magnier goes in for sports, tries not to eat junk food, takes care of his skin. That’s all the components that help her look younger.

Sonya works out in the gym three times a week, and also finds time for yoga and meditation.

The Irish woman pays a lot of attention to skin care, regularly doing procedures, such as mesotherapy. No less a woman monitors what she eats and how much water she drinks.

Young Sonya and clothing style. She prefers to go to boutiques with her daughter, who selects her outfits.

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