These two friends took a great interest in bodybuilding and surgery. Now they look absolutely identical

The inseparable friends now look like twins after gaining muscles and doing plastic surgeries

These Swedish girls are faithful friends for already 10 years. Since they both went to school they were literally inseparable. They even tried to dress in the same way and people often thought they were actually twins.

The time passed and as they had no suitors they thought it would be appropriate to go to fitness and then they started to do bodybuilding. Gradually, they gained weight and their relations soon noticed they had muscles.

Yet they refused to stop their incredible transformation. The ladies started to do some plastic surgeries, especially making their lips and cheeks bigger in order to look more feminine with those muscles.

These changes were not approved by their conservative relatives but they didn’t regret their decision. They are sure if they wouldn’t undertake anything with their appearance they would stay such plain girls as they previously were.

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