The husband turned the useless old attic into a modern and huge dressing room for his beloved wife

This man made a stylish and spacious dressing room from the old attic for his wife

Later or sooner, every woman asks the following question: “Where should I place all the clothes and accessories I have?” This fascinating story is about a very caring and loving husband, a real master of renovations whose wife couldn’t decide how to place all her clothes in a relatively small and cramped wardrobe. The worried man suggested making a huge and fashionable dressing room from the old attic which was utterly useless already.

One day he went in the attic and an ingenious and perfect idea crossed his mind, that is to create a spacious wardrobe for his beloved woman. The complete transformation and the process of obtaining all the required materials took nearly three weeks.

The man also asked some of his friends in order to help him cope with that difficult task. All in all, he spent 30000 dollars for all the materials and he also paid for their colleagues’ priceless assistance.

He set shelves made out of wood and painted the wardrobe mild grey to make it look contemporary and stylish. And for the floor he used laminate.

The man added he used laminate to make the floor look like wood yet he actually made it out of plastic and some other materials. It is also waterproof.

The transformation was truly incredible and extremely impressive.


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