This man gained weight because of suffering depression, but then pulled himself together and dropped 80 kilograms

After his brother’s death and a series of troubles the man started to drink and gained weight, but now he is unrecognizable

This Englishman, a retired soldier had had very difficult stages in his life. In 1989 he tragically lost his brother whom he loved most. Afterwards, other misfortunes had happened to him as a result of which he started to uncontrollably drink alcohol and gained extra weight.

Numerous troubles

After three years of his brother’s death, he had a serious and catastrophic accident while riding his bicycle and had got serious harms and injuries. It seemed as if death laid a hand on him. And, believe it or not, that’s wasn’t the end of his misfortunes. His wife and he, regrettably, lost their newborn son which also had a bad effect on his mental health and well-being.

Hardly had he got used to this loss, he faced another difficulty. After all those injuries they refused to keep him as a mil and that was the last point. He got addicted to alcohol which lasted approximately 20 years.

The daughter literally saved her father

In fact, that was his caring daughter who couldn’t stay indifferent towards the fact her father was not in good physical condition and alcohol had started to affect his health. The man’s weight was already 158 kilograms which was utterly unbearable.

The man knew it was high time to take action. Despite the fact he felt embarrassed and insecure about his body, he started to run.

The gym- his second home

He worked very diligently. At this very moment, he weighs 80 kilograms due to his efforts and firm determination. He managed to drop nearly 80 kilograms and now he is totally unrecognizable. He is currently 54 years old and he already completed tow marathons.

The only problem was the extra skin after his incredible transformation. The only solution was a surgery.

It took a lot of money. But the most important thing is completed- he is now absolutely happy. The moral of this real story is the following- never give up on your dreams and ambitions. Never stop in the middle of your path and you will definitely achieve your goals and have a success. Always be optimistic and be sure everything will be alright.

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