The lifters revealed what they found at the bottom of the elevator shaft and besides keys, cellphones and money they found much more unexpected things

What the lifters found at the bottom of elevator shaft shocked the residents

These people who are employees in companies which provide lifts agreed to share what they recently found under the lifts since it is a restricted area for ordinary people so not everyone has an opportunity to explore it and who accidentally gets there-stays there forever.

And some of the most curious ones wondered asked the workers to reveal what they usually discover there. Surprisingly, it was found out that keys, money and documents were in fact not the most unexpected things. There can also be found syringes and, what is more shocking, drugs.

The workers appeared to find extremely valuable rings costing more than 1000 dollars, other jewelry and their owners hadn’t even announced about their losses. A great deal of money, illegal drugs and even severed fingers are often found.

These places also can’t stay away from criminal acts.


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