Colombian couple have been living in sewers for over 20 years

A couple, who live in a bed condition

We all want to live in comfortable conditions. But a huge number of people exist in simply terrible conditions. They simply do not have the money to buy or even rent an apartment or a room. They have to live where they have to. But there are those among them who have adapted and even quite well, according to them, settled in completely unusual places to live.

Colombians Maria and Michel Garcia have been married for 22 years. They were born and raised in the poorest neighborhoods of Bogota. In adulthood, both were left without a roof over their heads. The future husband and wife met while living on the street. After that, Maria and Michel decided that it would be easier for them to live together.

Somehow they found an old and unused sewer pit. It was quite extensive. The water didn’t come here. So Garcia decided to make it their home. The couple began to equip their “home”. They brought a bed and wardrobe. They had to disassemble and reassemble them. After all, they did not pass into a narrow pit.

In the landfill, they found an old and non-working stove, which Mikhel fixed. Since there is electricity here, the spouses even got a TV and radio. It was too stuffy in the pit, so Garcia brought in a fan. True, the shower could not be done. Therefore, in order to wash, you have to take water from the nearest well.

Mary is not working. Mikhel got a job as a parking attendant. His salary is enough for food and electricity. Also, a small area, which is located nearby, helps to feed. When it rains, the couple close the sunroof and watch TV.

Despite the human conditions of life, Garcia does not complain. On the contrary, they are happy that they found each other. And a yard dog lives with them.

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