The woman closed the door and fled Paris in 1939, only her relatives were able to get into the house 70 years later

The house was occupied by the Germans and the woman had to leave her house

Once the owner of the apartment locked the front door with a key and left the city. Since 1939, no one has been inside the house.

But close women were very persistent, and received permission to get inside.

Madame de Florian left her home when Paris was occupied by the Germans. The lady was able to take with her a minimum of things – only what you cannot do without in everyday life.

She managed to leave the city and went as far as possible from the front line.

At the end of hostilities, she could return to Paris, but for some reason decided to stay in another country.

Despite this, the woman paid all the bills, and in dialogue with relatives, she never hinted at the availability of house.

Relatives learned about the inheritance only when they read the will. The old lady’s lawyer gave the address, as well as a bunch of keys.

Standing in front of the door, Madame de Florian’s relatives were worried, because it seemed that now they would move in time – 70 years ago.

Opening the doors, visitors saw antique furniture, luxurious paintings, which, as it turned out, were quite expensive.

The heirs were pleased with what they saw, and were able to get a solid benefit from such an inheritance.

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