The girl started repairs at home and found under the wallpaper a message 20 years ago from the previous owner

The man became popular with his original idea of repairing a room

Charlotte Morrison told the social network Facebook about a funny story that happened to her. A resident of London and her husband decided to make repairs. When the couple removed the wallpaper from the walls of one of the rooms, they found a strange note. The mysterious manuscript turned out to be a message from a certain John, the former owner of this house.

The note was written back in 1997, when John was also renovating this room and ran into a problem: the purchased rolls of wallpaper were not enough to finish the entire room. The owner of the house was very upset and decided to warn subsequent tenants against miscalculation.

In the letter, the man warned that if someone had to paste over the walls of the room with wallpaper, then he would need to buy at least eight rolls. John himself stocked up with only six during the renovation, because of which he did not have enough finishing material. He admitted in the note that he was very angry about it.

The girl’s post about the unusual find immediately went viral on the network and gained a huge number of likes and comments. Users advised Charlotte to frame the letter and hang it on the wall in the same room. The publication that spread on the Internet was seen by one of John’s relatives, who contacted the couple and said that the former owner of the house does not like social networks and is not registered in any of them. The couple asked to tell the man that he became a celebrity thanks to his original idea with the repair.

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