A team of workers found an underground wall and broke it, but what they saw underground amazed everyone

The workers found coffins, that came from the cholera time

In winter, Polish workers were given the task to carry out work on the city square. It was necessary to level the surface before laying the paving slab.

The task is not particularly difficult, but the team faced difficulties.

After 2-3 hours, the shovel of one of the workers made a ringing – it hit something solid. The masters had no idea that underground work could be carried out there, they were sure that communications were not laid here, so they were forced to carry out further actions with extreme caution.

The worker removed the top layer of the earth, and under it they found a brickwork. The wall turned out to be quite fragile, so the team was able to see what was hidden under it.

Below was to find a crypt

Inside there were two sarcophagi, decorated with details unusual for funeral paraphernalia – large metal flowers and complex-shaped handles.

Since the coffins were covered with zinc sheets, the craftsmen concluded that they belonged to the times when cholera was rampant.

In the future, the find was studied by specialists who could not establish the identity of the deceased. But scientists said that the crypt belongs to the Nikolsky cemetery, which was destroyed during the Second World War.

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