The famous millionaire chef showed a photo from the past, before he became rich and this is a completely different person

An incredible transformation of a millionaire

In a recent Insatagram post, the man spoke about his life before popularity and published archival photos in which the Internet star is literally unrecognizable.

Nusret became famous not only because of his culinary talents. Among all the world’s chefs, he is distinguished by the specific presentation of meat dishes.

The man has already opened many steakhouses around the world, where all kinds of world-famous artists love to dine.

It’s hard to believe, but Nusret Goekce went through a rather thorny path before he became famous. At one time, he even had to drop out of school, because his parents did not have money to pay for education. The guy was forced to go to work in order to somehow help the family.

At the age of fourteen, he got a job in a restaurant as an assistant cook and was constantly trained in meat production.

At twenty-seven, the young man managed to open his first mini steakhouse, which accommodated a maximum of eight people.

“I constantly tried to improve my skills in meat production. Even when I was refused training in the United States, I did not give up and continued to move towards my goal. This is probably what helped me become one of the best in my business. ”

Now, the internet star is the owner of a successful chain of steakhouses with minimum dinner bills ranging from $1,700 to $2,000.

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