This man daily went to the forest to build a secret house, now he would like to live there as all the necessities are available

This man decided to move to live in a house he himself constructed using only wood and natural resources

This man periodically went to a forest and spend relatively long longs there. In three weeks, he didn’t come home and his friends started to worry. They decided to go to that place to make sure everything was okay with him.

There they unexpectedly found a dugout and bravely risked to enter. Once going inside, they realized that was a truly comfortable place where one could find absolutely everything needed for life.

In order to build this fantastic building, the man found an appropriate place in order to ease his work.

The man didn’t really need to obtain required materials on his own as in the forest he could find everything he needed. He used the wood in order to construct it. He succeeded in making a furnace and a chimney as well.

And as it was found out, the man wanted to temporarily live in the house he designed and constructed on his own which was, of course, a great idea!

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