This 12-year-old boy accidentally saved an injured dog and a couple who got lost in the mountains

A little boy saved the couple, who were lost at the mountains at night

For a Hawaiian couple, JD and Aimee, the trip to the mountains ended in a nightmare. When their pet hurt its paws, the young people realized that they did not know where to go next.

This unpleasant event was also accompanied by the fact that both smartphones were discharged, and the time was approaching evening, the air became noticeably colder.

However, the lovers were lucky – they met young David, who helped them get to civilization. The boy and his mother went for a walk so that David would become the owner of the Scout badge – he is given out for a 25-kilometer hike in the mountains.


The boy drew attention to the couple, as the guys were nervous, were very exhausted. David asked if they needed help. The girl and the young man said that they got lost and asked to be shown the direction to the city.

However, the boy decided that he and his mother should help the couple return home – this is much more important than the scout badge. David fed the guys, gave them a drink, and after that all the travelers built a structure resembling a stretcher for a dog named Smokey.

“The boy offered to build a stretcher, Smogy gladly climbed on it, as he was badly injured, ”says the couple.

Then the travelers set off on their journey, and after a few hours, tired but happy, they were at the place – the lost couple was able to return home. The boy and the girl are very grateful to the boy and his mother.

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