The climbers accidentally found a house in the mountains where a family isolated from civilization lived for already 80 years

The climbers surprisingly spotted an extremely strange building in the mountains which seemed rather weird and unconscious as very few people choose to live and build a house in such a high location.

Some specialists who got informed about the suspicious building, rushed to find it out. They surprisingly discovered an ordinary residential house and knocked on the door. They were actually astonished and confused as they were sure no one would open it. As it was later proved the owner of the small house was a family that had lived there for over 80 years.

They owned the house for over 80 years and raised their children and grandchildren here.

The family consists of a husband and a wife and 10 heirs. The five children chose to get contact with civilization and left the deprived territory, the other five faithfully stayed with their family. The father occasionally goes to a small settlement from where he gets all the required products and items for their existence.

The man doesn’t have any money, yet he successfully does housekeeping and exchanges the fur and meat of the animals, fruits and vegetables gaining everything needed for the family’s survival. They don’t actually need products from shops, all they need they grow or make themselves.

During their lives at the heights of the mountains the family didn’t need anything connected with civilizations and city life. They can cook the food with the help of fire and water is also not a problem, as it’s a natural resource and they can get it with no effort.


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