The couple bought a concrete pipe which turned into a luxurious country house within a year

This ingenious man with his wife decided to obtain all the materials required for heating mains, whereas they intended to use them for other purposes. Out of this huge and, at first sight, useless pipe, a comfortable and luxurious country house was built which became the most fascinating and beautiful-looking building in the whole area. The entire process of designing and constructing was captured on camera by the family.

By the way, the creative and ingenious couple was originally inspired by one of the ideas of Japanese architects who used concrete to make modular houses and succeeded in completing the mission and assured that the work can be done in the presence of any kind of landscape.

The couple didn’t want to build a modular, but a country house and, apparently, they didn’t need all the materials the architect used as, for making a family dacha, they only required not many materials.

The couple’s main goal was not only to build a comfortable and cozy house, but also making the place full of light, that’s why instead of walls they applied panoramic windows.

As a result, the pair got quite a comfortable, light, not expansive and stylish house which immediately became the center of attention among the neighbors.

Now, the couple is thinking of developing their own business and earn sufficient amount of money by building residential houses out of concrete pipes.

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