A woman, who was visiting her son’s grave was appeased by the amicable bird

The poor woman made friends with a bird on her son’s grave

This might seem, as if it is an ordinary bird, but for the poor woman he was like a light.

It’s been many years since Marie Robinson lost her son to brain cancer. And there’s hasn’t been a day, when the poor mother hasn’t thought about her son and wished, that her child was still alive.

And recently something special happened to her, and it made her thought, that his soul is still here.

On the third year of her son’s passing, she decided to visit his grave and a curious robin suddenly appeared and started to fly around, when she was sitting near the grave.

He wasn’t afraid of Robinson at all, and sat on her foot. But it wasn’t the end.

Robinson captured the moment, when the bird was flying around and she knew, that it isn’t accidental.

“I was crying. I am sure it was a sign from Jack” she wrote on the Internet.

And everyone must accept, that this little bird helped the poor woman so much and at that moment she found peace.

“I would be delighted, if my little friend robin may raise awareness of childhood brain cancer and the despair of loosing a child. I have received many massages from different people, and I must say, that a robin can represent a lot for the people” she wrote in her post.

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