The clever boy who was adopted did an unexpected step for supporting the dying doggy.  

The adopted boy decided to take care about the dying doggy in order to keep her away from suffering.

A woman told this story for showing the big love the children have towards their pets. It is very heartbreaking.

Once she decided to take her doggy named Buffy to the vet for checking. She hoped that after some researches they would return home, but something awful happened. It was found out that the doggy had some problems connected to her kidney. Her condition was serious and soon she would die.

The owners decided that the best decision would be letting her go in order not to see her pain.

The woman named Maria decided to tell her son about the animal’s condition. The boy named Robbie, who was adopted showed unexpected emotions after hearing the news.

The boy asked his mommy to let him take care about the pet until she went to heaven. Maria was excited by her son’s reaction and gave him her agreement saying that it would be better for the poor animal.

The woman was proud of her boy because his step was really heroic.

When she expressed her admiration for the boy’s decision he answered that no one must suffer no matter it is animal or human. All creatures need love and support. He didn’t want the poor doggy to stay alone and suffer like him. The kind woman shows her big love towards the adopted boy, so the doggy also needs love and devotion.

No matter in which condition the animals are, they are healthy or not, each of them need human care. Families must adopt the animals who are in need because they are worthy to have their forever homes and caring parents like the boy, who found his loving parents and due to them he is now lucky.

Maria explains her son’s idea that no matter how long you keep your lovely creature if you love him/her a lot, short time is also enough. He means that Maria and her husband adopted him two years ago but it is enough for loving and devoting him a lot. So the animals also must be under the care like helpless humans.

The video shows how much the caring boy likes his doggies. It is very amazing.

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