This heroic lady runs into the bushfire to rescue a koala who tragically appeared in the affected territory

This bighearted woman risks everything to save a burning koala during the wildlife in Australia

The disastrous and catastrophic wildfires occurring in many parts of Australia cause irreversible losses affecting vast areas and stealing lives of hundreds of defenseless creatures living there. And, unfortunately, the koala’s population is regarded to be the most affected by these tragic bushfires. Over 400 of them disappeared as a result of the catastrophe this year.

Hundreds of devoted firefighters and animal enthusiasts are continually in search of these koalas and the special dogs are an indivisible part of their job as they have the ability to smell wounded koalas being far away from them. And, during the process, cameras caught a truly emotional and exciting moment.

The unimaginable sight reveals a woman, a resident in Australia, who, risking her entire life, runs to the blaze to rescue a koala. And then she manages to take the injured koala to the Koala Hospital Center. It is known this kind of animals live mostly in Australia in eucalyptus woods. They can live about 20 years and sleep 18 hours a day. This species is named “vulnerable” as because of the reoccurring wildfires and human activity, there are only nearly 40 thousand koalas left. And according to expedition, about 350 homes were destroyed and 3 million acres of land have been affected by the fires this year.


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