11 years of inseparable friendship between the lion and his rescuer and caretaker is something out of this world

The caring man saves the captivated newborn lion and the animal is now 11 years old and completely healthy

There is, surely, an explanation why we call lions “the kings of the jungle”. Due to their muscular body and great power the lions make probably the most dangerous and ravenous beasts on Earth. These felines can easily weigh about 450lbs. Although, all these factors didn’t stop the courageous man to raise a lion.

The man added he had about twenty lions, leopards and tigers and confessed he and the lion named Zion has always shared a special bond.

This lion has a very tragic story as he was born and raised in captivity. Furthermore, his mom rejected him shortly after he was born. Yet the pitiable creature got released and saved by this tender-hearted animal keeper who raised the baby as though his own hand-feeding and allowing him to sleep on bed next to him. And thanks to this caring and attentive man, the baby became a completely healthy and strong adult.

The man claims that regardless of his dangerous appearance, the lion is just a gentle and loving soul and it’s already 11 years they are side by side.

He adds that there hasn’t been a single case when the lion behaved aggressively or tried to attack someone. The caretaker assured the animal is nothing but a friendly and kind creature. You can learn the details of their incredible friendship in the following video.

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